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Genres: Western
Actors: Randolph Scott , Patrice Wymore , Dick Wesson , Philip Carey , Lina Romay , Roy Roberts , Morris Ankrum , Katherine Warren , Alan Hale Jr. , Douglas Fowley , Anthony Caruso , Clancy Cooper , Robert Cabal
Director: Felix E. Feist
Country: United States
Year: 1953
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (155 votes)

Posing as a schoolteacher, undercover government agent Ransome Callicut arrives in 1850’s California to gather intelligence about an insurrectionist plot to have the southern part of the state secede to become a slave state. When he discovers a hidden cache of weapons, he reveals his true identity and assumes command of the local army post. Aided by sidekicks Monk Walker and Olaf Swenson he battles political assassination and other intrigues to unmask the ringleader of the plot and keep the Golden State in the Union.

Film Review

When you think this film was made in 1953, after "High Noon"(1952) and at the same year as "The Naked Spur" you might think the world was going though two different eras of evolution. Even though this film is in color, which was a characteristic of "A" westerns there are flaws in the script that make it laughable, like Randoph Scott showing his card to Philip Carey, followed by a complete reversal of roles. That scene was more appropriate for Gilbert and Sullivan. What is incredible is that Randy made his excellent western "Hangman's Knot" one year before and had so many great westerns ahead of him, specially with Boetticher. Robert Cabal as Joaquin Murietta is a caricature. Even the action scenes are second rate with people being killed with less fuss than you kill a mosquito. Poor direction and a poor script makes this one of Randy's worst films.

Seemingly, for a good part studio-bound, this bright little western is OK, as they go. It has good colour, a couple of breezy leads, some obviously staged fights and a story that seemed as vague as everybody in the film was about Randolph Scott's identity.How anybody could quite think that a tall, lean, cowboy-looking cowboy with a ten gallon hat to boot, would ever pass off as a 'schoolteacher', I don't know! In all westerns I've ever seen, schoolteachers have been pretty, demure little damsels that are just arriving by stagecoach or have been in post for years and inevitably marries the sheriff. That's a given…


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